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BP Cobden Service Station

The Challenge

For 50 years, service stations have been the backbone of Australia. 

The problem? The original underground petroleum storage tanks (UPSS) installed in those service stations are falling behind. Today’s environmental standards leave property owners with a costly mess to clean up as their UPSS’ corrode, fatigue and suffer mechanical failures.

These old tanks cause serious environmental damage; with leaking that corrupts soil and potentially contaminates water sources. What does this mean for you as the service station owner? Monumental costs in fixing these damages and risk that’s not worth bearing. 

This was the problem facing BP Cobden. Do we take action now and invest in upgrading the UPSS? Or wait and hope the old system remains intact? The owners at BP Cobden contacted Conform Developments to take preventative action on the property.

There’s an environmental obligation that must be upheld in this industry. BP Cobden made the smart move, and had Conform Developments implement advanced technology that optimised pressure testing and prevention of leaks.  

Property Purchase
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The Solution

We take pride in knowing our work is meaningful. The environmental impact that old and fatiguing tanks can cause is enormous and the financial fallout afterwards is crippling… BP Cobden did not take this risk. 

The first task that Conform Developments put in place for BP Cobden was a Legacy Fuel System replacement; including tanks, lines and infrastructure. We knew that upgraded storage was needed for compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and the risk of not doing so made it a no-brainer. 

What did Conform Developments do to elevate BP Cobden? We replaced the old system with state-of-the-art fibreglass, double walled tanks, new lines and an up-to-date auto tank gauging system. All of which met the codes for environmental standards. No risks. No contamination. No money lost.

BP Cobden needed to know that their investments were secured with the finest technologies and reinforcements in the industry. They now know with certainty that their systems are future-proofed and compliant with all codes. 

Conform Developments also implemented a brand-new car canopy. This increased the station capacity to support eight cars filling up at once and four multi-product pumps, fixed with the best market value for ROI in future fuel sales.

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The Impact

The impact of Conform Developments upgrades for BP Cobden was clear from the outset. A reassurance in revenue, safety and the business’ future. With the finest modern technologies, BP Cobden’s tanks now surpass all safety and environmental codes. The quality of BP Cobden’s infrastructure will prevent the financial and environmental burden that poor investments can cost. 

With these upgrades, we were able to give BP Cobden an estimated market value of $5.7 million – an increase of $2.5 million. 

Is your business looking for a quality commercial development partner? Conform Developments knows not just the importance of generating an ROI on your upgrades, but also the value in providing peace of mind for our clients throughout the build.

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Is your business looking for a quality commercial development partner? 

Conform Developments knows not just the importance of generating an ROI on your upgrades, but also the value in providing peace of mind for our clients throughout the build. 

Fill out our form below to find out more about your property’s potential.

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Octane Ballarat Case Study Thumbnail

Octane Ballarat revamp

The Ballarat Liberty Station was under pressure. 

Competition was increasing, supplier prices were rising and customers were demanding a better in-store experience than ever before. After purchasing the property for $600k, Octane needed to upgrade the premises to compete with the modern market. Working with a large block of land, there were a few development opportunities that might generate ROI for the brand. 

But where to start? And how to know what opportunities are more valuable than others?

Sandgate Project


In the fuel industry it’s no secret that convenience and location are king. 

So when your property is situated right next to a new McDonalds, it might feel like you’re about to get squeezed out of the market.

commercial building

Sandgate Underground Pipe Work

In property development one of the most uncertain stages of the entire project is underground piping work.

BP WARRNAMBOOL case study archive image


The Warrnambool BP service station was one of a number of stations owned by Mathew Petroleum. Conform Developments task? Turn it into the statement store in Warrnambool and surrounding areas.


Metro Service Station

Ryan & Scott have completed 6 store renovations to our Metro Service Stations. They have assisted with complete renovation of internal, external, joinery, branding, cool rooms and professionally presenting our Metro Brand. Our Petit Café brand with Mr Whippy and Pie-Riffic have been implemented with great success and our stores are growing. 

- Johnny Dib | DIB Group


Ballarat Octane Service Station – Norman Street

I engaged Ryan & Scott to renovate my Ballarat Liberty Service Station. I was originally only considering small upgrades but once they presented the potential of my property and the equity that I could create within my portfolio it was as easy decision for the capital investment.  Conform Developments completed design, fitout and fuel system upgrades for complete renovation internal and external of the service station. Converting the small convenience shop of 52M^2 to 110m^2 Service Station with commercial kitchen, retail sales area and seating area. 

- Ravi | Ravi Group