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Castlemaine Store

Commercial store renovation

The challenges

With over 20 million registered vehicles in Australia, and each one of those vehicles needing to fill up their tank, it’s easy to think that owning a petrol station is a guaranteed way to make money. The realities, however, are much different.

Competition among petrol stations is extremely high and the net profit from fuel sales is low. The truth is that most petrol stations make their profits in their stores, from sales of food, drinks and other products.

This is the case in metropolitan areas, as well as country towns like Castlemaine in Victoria. While there is only a handful of service stations in the town, all are in close proximity. So, if a petrol station is not providing a welcoming area for customers to pay for petrol and buy products, the customer can simply drive down the road a short distance and spend their money somewhere else.

The solution

With this in mind, a fuel property investor contracted Conform Developments to upgrade their store in Castlemaine.

The company, which is building their property portfolio in Victoria and New South Wales, wanted the old, poorly laid out store completely renovated to become modern, fresh and bright, and a better reflection of the company’s brand and values.

The project involves not just a renovation of the store at the Castlemaine service station, but also improvements to the working spaces.

So, as well as a redesign of the retail and food areas, and the point of sales retail counter, other work is being carried out. This includes an upgrade to the cool room, the kitchen and much more.

The impact

As highlighted in the introduction, getting feet inside the door of service stations and encouraging people to purchase food, drinks and other products is the key to making a profit. When the renovations to the Castlemaine service station store are completed in early January, the new store will do just that.

Once the project is finished, virtually every part of the store will have been renovated and will provide a much improved experience for customers. Just as importantly, the renovations will make the store a better working environment for its people, which creates improved productivity, efficiency, morale and loyalty.

With the work that is being done, Conform Developments is adding tremendous value to the property and the fuel property investor’s business. Ultimately, it will lead to a greater return on investment for the company.

In the future and for many years to come, the Castlemaine service station will be a place where customers will want to do business and employees will want to work.



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