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Liberty Wholesale
Bourke Canopy

Liberty Wholesale Bourke Canopy

The challenges

Conform Developments loves improving older service stations. It’s one of our specialities and a job that we are regularly called on to perform.

When we were asked to upgrade the Liberty Wholesale Outback Fuel Centre in Bourke, on the surface it was a relatively simple project. Build a large canopy over the fuel forecourt.

In practice, however, the project was anything but straightforward. As well as the usual time pressures of completing a job to minimise disruptions, there were the added challenges of a remote location 2000 kilometres from our home base, road closures and water on the roads from the devastating floods and, if that wasn’t enough, wildlife to contend with.

The solution

While service station upgrades are one our bread and butter projects, it’s fair to say the Liberty Wholesale Outback Fuel Centre project was a special one. The service station is located in Bourke, near the crossroads of the Mitchell and Kamilaroi Highways, and the Kidman Way.

While people in metropolitan areas tend to take patrol stations for granted, in the outback they are one of the lifelines of the area. A place to fill up with petrol, buy staples and conveniences, enjoy a bite to eat, have a shower, go to the restrooms and meet up with locals.

The service station project involved building a 10 metre by 10 metre canopy over the fuel forecourt, to protect those filling up from the rain and sun. Total works included development approval, engineering, fabrication and site install. It involved working with civil, fuel, roofing, plumbing, electrical and branding contractors and people.

As well as the challenges highlighted above, the site install needed to be completed as quickly as possible to reduce downtime of the fuel operations. In consultation with Liberty Wholesale, it was decided to close on a Thursday and have the canopy completed for opening time on a Monday. A tight deadline but one Conform Developments were able to meet successfully.

The impact

With the project completed, the impact on the service station, and the town in general, is significant. Where once the fuel pumps were open to the sun, rain and other elements, now it is a covered area where people can fill up in comfort.

In addition, the canopy project increases the professionalism, site value, presentation and brand awareness of the service station. While there aren’t many service stations in Bourke, this is highly important, as customers can simply drive a few hundred metres down the road to choose another service station.

Conform Developments was proud to work with Liberty Wholesale in upgrading what is an icon of the town of Bourke.



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