Case Studies


Sandgate Service Station

The Challenge

In the fuel industry it’s no secret that convenience and location are king. 

So when your property is situated right next to a new McDonalds, it might feel like you’re about to get squeezed out of the market.

So how do you continue to compete?

Better burgers? More range? Cheaper prices?

These were the challenges faced by the Sandgate service station. The property was situated just metres away from the fast food giant, making it difficult to capture market share and capitalise on hungry passers by. 

That’s when Conform Developments stepped in. We were approached to solve these problems and inject value back into the local fuel station. Adding value and increasing competitiveness is our specialty, so we were prepared to take on the job and get the Sandgate fuel station back on top.

The Solution

The key solution? Don’t lose sight of the goal. 

What did we say at the beginning of this case study (look back up if you need to)?

Convenience and location are king.

We already had the location, but we didn’t have the convenience. 

So no, we didn’t put in facilities for better burgers or add more products. Instead we subtracted, focusing solely on convenience. 

We took out the commercial kitchen, added floorspace, updated the fuel pumps, and extended our range of chocolates, snacks, and on-the-go foods. 

McDonald’s might do a lot, but they still can’t match the convenience of getting fuel and food in the same moment. That’s the competitive advantage we helped Sandgate fuel station grab by the horns. 

Today, they enjoy healthy margins and an increase in foot traffic coming through the door. While competition with major fast food chains is an ongoing battle for all service stations, we’re proud to have played a part in ensuring the Sandgate service station carves itself a considerable piece of the revenue pie.



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In the fuel industry it’s no secret that convenience and location are king. So when your property is situated right next to a new McDonalds, it might feel like you’re about to get squeezed out of the market.

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Ryan & Scott have completed 6 store renovations to our Metro Service Stations. They have assisted with complete renovation of internal, external, joinery, branding, cool rooms and professionally presenting our Metro Brand. Our Petit Café brand with Mr Whippy and Pie-Riffic have been implemented with great success and our stores are growing. 

- Johnny Dib | DIB Group


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I engaged Ryan & Scott to renovate my Ballarat Liberty Service Station. I was originally only considering small upgrades but once they presented the potential of my property and the equity that I could create within my portfolio it was as easy decision for the capital investment.  Conform Developments completed design, fitout and fuel system upgrades for complete renovation internal and external of the service station. Converting the small convenience shop of 52M^2 to 110m^2 Service Station with commercial kitchen, retail sales area and seating area. 

- Ravi | Ravi Group