Property Development

New Business, New Growth

The right property development partnership sets the pace for the future of your investment. New doors open, bringing growth through brand reputation, loyal clientele, and existing business procedures. 

Conform Developments provides expertise on commercial partnership opportunities to best leverage the location, size, and suitability of your land. Upon specialised assessment, we can help you realise the full market value of your property.

Pivot And Grow Through Commercial Property Development Partnership Opportunities

There are quick opportunities for growth in every business. You can work long hours, stay open late or optimise your cash flow, just to name a few. But these short term solutions are just that – short term. They don’t take advantage of market forces or potential commercial partnership opportunities.

And sometimes no matter where you try to improve your business, the reality is that the market has shifted and the game has changed. Consumer needs are in a constant state of flux, and it’s your job as the business owner to listen to those changing needs and adjust accordingly.


Businesses that adjusted


  • Started as a card selling business in Japan
  • Today is the biggest video game company by revenue in the world


  • Started as a podcasting company
  • Today has 206 million daily active users


  • Started out selling coffee beans and espresso makers
  • Today boasts more than 30,000 coffee shops worldwide

Businesses that didn't


  • One of the most iconic brands of the video rental era
  • Filed for bankruptcy in 2010 after missing out on the streaming er


  • An icon of quality film and photography equipment at its peak
  • Filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after failing to pivot to the digital era

Toys R Us

  • Global toy company selling kids toys in 35 countries
  • Signed a poor 10 year exclusive deal with Amazon that hamstrung the company’s own pivot to digital

Commercial Partnership Opportunities Change The Game

Staying agile as a business and pivoting when needed is vital in today’s fast-changing world. Keeping a finger on the pulse of consumer needs will put your business ahead of its competitors, whether you operate a small cafe, a busy service station, or an international corporation.

Often, the best way to take advantage of these changing needs is not by restructuring your own business, but by partnering with complementary companies. Together, you can leverage both businesses’ advantages to unlock growth that was nothing but a pipe dream beforehand.

But it’s a double edged sword. A good deal with the right partnering company will skyrocket your business to new heights. But a bad deal – like what Toys R Us signed with Amazon in the early 2000s – can deal a heavy blow to your company.

Luckily for you, finding the right commercial partnership opportunity is a specialty of ours at Conform Developments. Working with us to pivot and grow your business through a commercial partnership is a no-brainer.

Commercial Partnership Opportunities To 10x Growth

Krispy Kreme and 7/11

  • Operated complementary businesses that benefited hugely from a strategic partnership. Today, Krispy Kreme doughnuts are sold in all 7/11 stores

United and Pie Face

  • Pie Face was a massive food company heading into insolvency. An acquisition from United brought the business back from the brink and into the green

Our Commercial Partnership Opportunities

Taking out the guesswork. Finding the right partnership. Supporting you through the entire process.

From consultation, partnership selection, design, and construction, we take care of the entire commercial partnership. Our strategic approach will ensure a seamless process to bring your development to operation and lease activation. We will address the opportunities that can strengthen the brand, property attributes, and rental yield to maximise your return on investment.

Conform Developments deals with a wide range of commercial partnerships across different industries. We will assist you in building a diverse commercial property portfolio. Here’s some of the businesses you can establish partnerships with.

Service Stations: BP, Shell, Ampol, Seven 11, Caltex, Metro, United Petroleum, Puma, Liberty, Puma, and other Independent Service Stations.

Food Retailers: McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, Carl’s Junior, Red Rooster, Taco Bell, and many more.

Medical & Health Industry: General Practitioner, Medical, Dentist, Physiotherapist, Osteo, and many more.

Childcare: GoodStart, Guardian, Willow, and many more.

Is Your Business
A Good Fit?








Service Stations


Commercial Warehouses

Retail Stores

Medical Buildings

Childcare Centers



The Ballarat Liberty Station was under pressure. 

Competition was increasing, supplier prices were rising and customers were demanding a better in-store experience than ever before.

After purchasing the property for $600k, Octane needed to upgrade the premises to compete with the modern market. Working with a large block of land, there were a few development opportunities that might generate ROI for the brand. 

But where to start? And how to know what opportunities are more valuable than others? 

Octane wanted to know it was making the right investments for the property. To get that peace of mind, Octane engaged with our team at Conform Developments.


Metro Service Station

Ryan & Scott have completed 6 store renovations to our Metro Service Stations. They have assisted with complete renovation of internal, external, joinery, branding, cool rooms and professionally presenting our Metro Brand. Our Petit Café brand with Mr Whippy and Pie-Riffic have been implemented with great success and our stores are growing. 

- Johnny Dib | DIB Group


Ballarat Octane Service Station – Norman Street

I engaged Ryan & Scott to renovate my Ballarat Liberty Service Station. I was originally only considering small upgrades but once they presented the potential of my property and the equity that I could create within my portfolio it was as easy decision for the capital investment.  Conform Developments completed design, fitout and fuel system upgrades for complete renovation internal and external of the service station. Converting the small convenience shop of 52M^2 to 110m^2 Service Station with commercial kitchen, retail sales area and seating area. 

- Ravi | Ravi Group