The Importance of Hiring a Professional Team for Your Commercial Fitout

Doing your own commercial fitout is a bit like doing your own electrical work around the home. You might save money, but you’re setting yourself up for a shock at some stage.

There are many reasons why hiring a professional team for your commercial fitout makes sense. We’ll look at some of the key reasons in this post as well as highlighting why a commercial fitout can make or break a business.

9 reasons to hire commercial fitout professionals

  1. Expertise

The first and most obvious reason is expertise. You’ll no doubt have some great ideas on aspects of a commercial fitout, such as layout and staff and/or customer flows. However, there is much more to a commercial fitout than just this.

A professional team will have expertise in all aspects of a commercial fitout. They will be able to make the most of the space, light and other aspects of your building. They’ll help you design a layout that works. And they’ll ensure the fitout is completed to a high-quality end result.

It’s important to note that any good professional team will harness your ideas and ideas of your people. Commercial fitouts are best done collaboratively.

  1. Project management

Even a small commercial fitout will require good project management skills. There are trades to organise, designs to complete, schedules and budgets to meet, stakeholders to involve and much more. A fitout that is poorly project-managed will have a flow on effect to other key aspects, such as budget and timeline (see below).

  1. Budget

Perhaps the only reason most people undertake their own commercial fitout is budget. However, not hiring a professional can cost more in the long run. This is particularly the case if the project is not managed correctly. A good commercial fitout team will also be able to recommend ways of reducing costs without affecting the end result.

  1. Fresh eyes

You’ll no doubt know your commercial space better than anyone, but sometimes having a fresh set of eyes can pay dividends. Particularly a professional set of eyes with expertise in all aspects of commercial fitouts.

  1. Compliance

Are there local laws you need to adhere to? What about health and safety or environmental compliance? Another benefit of using a professional commercial fitout team is that they’ll understand compliance requirements. These requirements may differ from business to business and from local area to local area.

  1. Efficient use of space

Your commercial space is a massive investment, so you want to get the most out of it. A commercial fitout using a professional team can do this. They’ll make sure the space is utilised efficiently and ensure it’s a comfortable and productive environment for staff and/or customers.

  1. Reduce project turnaround

Time is certainly money when it comes to completing your commercial fitout. A professional team, with excellent project management capabilities, will be able to complete the project quicker than if you try to organise the fitout yourself.

  1. Technology

These days, more than ever, a commercial fitout needs to factor in technology requirements. There’s the technology you need to run your business, such as video conferencing, connectivity and hotdesking. And there’s the technology that can help improve your commercial facility. Things like smart devices, automated features and sensor technology.

  1. Furniture and storage

Allocating enough space for furniture and storage and utilising the best furniture for your business is an important aspect of any commercial fitout. Professional fitout teams can ensure your people will be able to work every day more efficiently and comfortably.

  1. Keep doing what you do best

Even if you do have the expertise to do the commercial fitout yourself or coordinate others to do so for you, you’ll need to put your work on hold. By hiring a professional team, you can keep doing what you do best: running your business.

9 reasons to hire commercial fitout professionals

The importance of a commercial fitout

Is a commercial fitout really that important? In a word, yes.

There are so many benefits that a good commercial fitout can provide a business. In contrast, a poor fitout can have a serious impact on a business and, in some cases, even break it.

The key benefits of a good commercial fitout are:

  • Productivity. A well-designed and executed fitout will allow your staff to work more efficiently and effectively. They’ll be able to work better as individuals and collaborate better in teams.
  • Optimise space. Space in your commercial premises is utilised thoughtfully. There are no cramped or dead spaces, and the flow works well.
  • Morale. The fit out of your commercial property will play a big part in how your staff feels about coming to work. A successful fitout will lead to better employee satisfaction and morale and help improve motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Brand. Most commercial fitouts aren’t just about providing a better environment for people to work. It’s also about expanding marketing opportunities and improving your brand image. You’ll also want your commercial fitout to align with your goals, culture and vision.
  • Nobody likes working in environments that are too hot or cold, dark or bright. A good commercial fitout will provide a comfortable place for people to work, where the temperature is comfortable, and there’s a good amount of light and ventilation.
  • For a retail business, it’s reasonable to say that a commercial fitout is even more important. A well-executed commercial fitout can significantly increase revenue in a business.
  • Increase in property value. Particularly important if you’re considering selling your property or business in the near future. A high-class commercial fitout can significantly increase the price you’ll receive.
The importance of a commercial fitout

Conform Developments are the commercial fitout experts 

Conform Developments’ have significant experience in large and commercial fitouts. While we can work in any sector, we specialise in service station upgrades, cafes, commercial warehouses, retail stores, medical facilities and childcare centres.

Contact Conform Developments today to see how we can help you with your commercial fitout.

Scott Traynor

Not one to be pigeon-holed, Scott is a commercial builder, mechanical engineer and a lawyer. He brings 15 years’ experience in large industrial, commercial and retail developments to the business, and is a specialist in development approvals, engineering and commercial building.

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