What are the key responsibilities of a commercial project manager?

Have you ever walked past a commercial project under development and wondered what it takes to get the job done? A new service station, a retail store redevelopment or an extension of a commercial warehouse?

It takes plenty of knowledge, skills and resources. Time, planning and money. Plus, of course, people. People to get the work done, supervisors, contractors, suppliers and others. And it takes the leadership of a commercial project manager.

What does it take to be a good commercial project manager?

Commercial project manager responsibilities

A commercial project manager has a wide range of responsibilities. While accountabilities can differ depending on the industry and other factors, he or she will generally:

Plan and organise projects

A commercial project manager may work on one project or they may manage several projects at a time.  For each project, they’ll need to develop and implement a comprehensive project plan. The plan will include aspects such as timelines, resource allocation and budgeting.

Monitor projects

Commercial project management isn’t a set and forget exercise. The project manager will track progress on every project, to ensure that they are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.

Manage teams

A commercial project manager relies on teams to get the work done. Part of successful project management is leading and motivating teams, communicating and collaborating with teams, and working with teams to ensure projects run smoothly.

Manage budgets

Successful project management isn’t just about getting the project completed to a high standard. It also must be completed on budget. A commercial project manager is responsible for managing costs for all their projects and ensuring budget goals are met.

Manage quality

Every project will have quality standards, assurances, specifications or guidelines that must be met. Commercial project management will ensure all aspects of the project are completed to the necessary quality expectations.

Manage risk

Every project has risks and it’s the commercial project manager’s job to manage these risks. He or she will need to identify the risks for every project and then help mitigate against these risks. The commercial project manager will also need to ensure potential issues are identified and addressed along every step of the project.

Communication and reporting

There are many people involved in every project, including clients, vendors, senior management, team members and other stakeholders. Commercial project managers must be in regular communication with all stakeholders to ensure that project expectations are met. In addition, they’ll need to regularly report on project progress to senior management, clients and other reporting stakeholders.

Commercial project manager responsibilities

Commercial project management more than just responsibilities

While we’ve listed the key responsibilities of a commercial project manager above, this is only part of the story. To be good at the job, you need a specific set of qualities as well. Qualities like:

  • Excellent communication skills. Communicating clearly, as well as good listening skills.
  • Leadership skills. Providing direction, guidance and motivation is a key quality of a commercial project manager.
  • Strategic thinking. Thinking strategically helps commercial project managers successfully complete projects.
  • Adaptability and flexibility. Most commercial projects will face challenges. Being flexible and adapting quickly on the job is important.
  • Attention to detail. A keen eye for detail will help ensure all steps of a project are completed according to expectations.
  • Good problem solving skills. Complex problems are par for the course for most commercial projects. Being able to come up with solutions is one of the most important qualities a project manager can have.
  • A good understanding of how a business operates is also important.
  • Strong planning skills are an obvious quality that’s required. The ability to develop complex plans and then monitor these plans are key qualities that every good commercial project manager needs.
  • Attitude is also important. Motivating and managing teams to successfully complete commercial projects requires enthusiasm for the job.
  • A cool head helps, as well. Being calm when others around you are panicking will help you see solutions where others just see problems.

Being a commercial project manager sounds like a big task, and it is. There’s a lot you need to know and sometimes you’ll seem to be endlessly juggling commitments. However, for the right person, being a commercial project manager is very rewarding.

Commercial project management more than just responsibilities

Where will you find commercial project managers working?

Take a look at any online job marketing service and you will see that commercial project managers are employed across a wide range of industries and organisations.

You will find commercial project managers working in construction, engineering, information technology, healthcare, finance, and more. A commercial project manager may work for a private corporation, government agency, not-for-profit or a consulting firm. Some commercial project managers may work as independent contractors, providing project management services on a freelance or consultancy basis.

While you may think of commercial project managers as working on large projects, and they do, this doesn’t mean every project will be big. You will also find them working on small projects. Whether it’s a café that’s having a minor redevelopment, a retail store that’s undergoing a refit, or the re-branding of a petrol station.

Essentially, you can find a commercial project manager working on any commercial development. Large or small, they’re a key ingredient in the successful outcome of commercial projects.

Commercial project management is one of Conform Developments specialities

As highlighted in the previous section, commercial projects can be large, complex and cost many millions of dollars to complete. However, that’s not always the case and some commercial projects are actually quite small.

The good news is that when you use Conform Developments, we have the experience and the expertise to effectively manage all sized projects. Big, small or in between.

One of Conform Developments keys to success is our passion for commercial project management. While experience and expertise are certainly vital to success, so is a love of every part of the process. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from our competition and is one of the ways we can bring your commercial project vision to life.

Successful commercial project management starts with Conform Developments. Contact us today!

Commercial project management is one of Conform Developments specialities

Scott Traynor

Not one to be pigeon-holed, Scott is a commercial builder, mechanical engineer and a lawyer. He brings 15 years’ experience in large industrial, commercial and retail developments to the business, and is a specialist in development approvals, engineering and commercial building.

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